Saturday, June 9, 2012

Challenge to President Obama and Rep Paul Ryan

IssueObama BudgetRyan GOP PlanApocalypse Plan
Budget Surplus?Neverin 2062after the 1st year
Debt 100% of GDPin 2022in 2039Never
MedicareObamacareGov pre-pays $2300/5700 towards your insurance and gov agency that 'sets' premiumsHospitalization and Doctors Plan: 100% private marketplace
MedicaidObamacare$11,000 direct subsidyHospitalization/Doctor Plan + state benefits
Social Securityahh...well...55+ no change; 'private' accounts for those under 55: investments only in GOV managed funds50+ no change; 36-49 prorated, REAL individual private accounts 49 & younger
Individual Income taxes6 rates + 'Buffet rule'6 rates + Buffet rule OR flat 10% to $50k, 25% for over + 12.6% social security +1.45% medicareFlat 17% w/$1750 tax credit for all wage earners, no social security or medicare taxes
Business Income taxesMORE, MORE...No biz income tax, BUT a 10% VAT. Didn't know that, did you?No business income taxes, no social security taxes.
Federal programs1,241 and soon more, lots more..1,241 programs w/cap on discretionary spending, NO mandatory individual program review49% of programs eliminated, 90% of remaining 633 programs cut.
Economic StimulusNONE...Hope that change causes growth$2.5 TRILLION one year federal tax holiday is direct stimulus to consumer and business
Congressional consistency?Every year, same fights, no solutions...Each Congress must maintain plan for 40 yrs for it to workONE year implementation