Saturday, June 9, 2012

Challenge to President Obama and Rep Paul Ryan

IssueObama BudgetRyan GOP PlanApocalypse Plan
Budget Surplus?Neverin 2062after the 1st year
Debt 100% of GDPin 2022in 2039Never
MedicareObamacareGov pre-pays $2300/5700 towards your insurance and gov agency that 'sets' premiumsHospitalization and Doctors Plan: 100% private marketplace
MedicaidObamacare$11,000 direct subsidyHospitalization/Doctor Plan + state benefits
Social Securityahh...well...55+ no change; 'private' accounts for those under 55: investments only in GOV managed funds50+ no change; 36-49 prorated, REAL individual private accounts 49 & younger
Individual Income taxes6 rates + 'Buffet rule'6 rates + Buffet rule OR flat 10% to $50k, 25% for over + 12.6% social security +1.45% medicareFlat 17% w/$1750 tax credit for all wage earners, no social security or medicare taxes
Business Income taxesMORE, MORE...No biz income tax, BUT a 10% VAT. Didn't know that, did you?No business income taxes, no social security taxes.
Federal programs1,241 and soon more, lots more..1,241 programs w/cap on discretionary spending, NO mandatory individual program review49% of programs eliminated, 90% of remaining 633 programs cut.
Economic StimulusNONE...Hope that change causes growth$2.5 TRILLION one year federal tax holiday is direct stimulus to consumer and business
Congressional consistency?Every year, same fights, no solutions...Each Congress must maintain plan for 40 yrs for it to workONE year implementation

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Time to take back control

Out of control government spending is the main reason the Tea Party movement exists.  People are demanding that government spending, particularly the Federal Government, be seriously addressed and cut.

Congress has ignored President Obama's 2012 Budget but I didn't. When I reviewed the 1,241 programs, commissions, boards and bureaus spending our money it became clear that not only is spending out of control, what Congress is spending our money ON has gone over the deep end.

What program received $50,000,000 despite being eliminated in 2009!?

What VOLUNTEER program gets $800,000,000 in funding?

Many people have called for cutting spending, but when asked WHAT should be cut, they suggest whole departments, or across the board cuts. Even the GOP's Paul Ryan only offered a plan to sit down and consider which programs Congress should consider cutting. As if they have actually cut ANY programs.

What about 'good' programs that have just be around forever?

This program provides a one-time payment to eligible persons who served here during WWII.

Obama Budget: $10,000,000

This is the third year of funding and it is over $200,000,000 so far.....what would YOU do?

Which commission spends our money as.... independent, bipartisan U.S. federal government commission. The principal responsibilities are to review the facts and circumstances of violations of religious freedom internationally and to make policy recommendations to the President, the Secretary of State and Congress.
Obama Budget: $3,000,000

What program costs $537 million a year, to LOAN $3-4 billion a year?

What program guaranteed FOUR (and only 4) loans in the private sector that have all defaulted?

I spent several months reviewing every item on the budget to answer this question: If government had to cut programs to the bare bone, what would be left and how much would it cost to run them?

It is not enough to just cut programs. If we continue to give Congress and this President the money, they will find new ways to spend it. When I was done with cutting, this is what was left:

Spending Highlights:
  • Reduction in federal spending by 28.4%;
  • Elimination of one department and significant (>75%) reductions in 8 more;
  • Large reductions(and eliminations) in programs that operate in place of state sovereignty.

The Obama Budget spends $4.793 trillion. My plan spends $3.434 trillion. (If you thought the President's Budget only spends $3.7 trillion – after all, that is what he said and what the Media reported – then you need to read my section about Net vs Gross spending in a Federal Budget.)

But even with all the cutting, spending is still pretty high. How much would we need to raise taxes to pay for even the new 'minimum'? Would taxing the 1% even come close to covering it?

I considered some radical options and came up with:

Revenue Highlights:
  • Elimination of business income taxes;
  • Reduction of capital gains taxes;
  • Elimination of social security and medicare taxes;
  • Flat income tax on earnings with first $10,295 exempt for each earner.

The result is:
  • A Budget SURPLUS in the first year;
  • Two TRILLION dollar tax holiday to taxpayers and businesses.

What organization has this 'mandate' to help the American people??

Shape and sustain a peaceful, prosperous, just, and democratic world and foster conditions for stability and progress for the benefit of the American people and people everywhere.

Obama Budget: $11,480,000,000

Shaping a world costs $11 billion? We can't even shape the United States with $4 TRILLION in spending...

From dealing with the programs to cut and the revenue to raise, The Apocalypse Plan takes you through the process of getting from the disaster that is the Federal Government spending nightmare to a sustainable and balanced federal budget.

But even if we cut and reorganize the revenues, if the government...

Built it on the promise that the users will pay for it, and when that is too much, just let the taxpayers pay.

A wholly owned government corporation created to construct, operate and maintain [major infrastructure] within the territorial limits of the United States. [Note: this was self funding until 1986 when Congress ordered fees rebated back to the end users and when that seemed redundant, they stopped collecting the fees that paid to maintain the system]

Obama Budget: $15,000,000

Government policies have to be changed to prevent some of the worst examples of mismanagement.

Policy Highlights:
  • Return significant federal lands back to state control;
  • Reduce military deployments;
  • End government bailouts of corporations, banks and government as lender of first, second and last option.

The largest programs are entitlements and fixing them has been an ongoing fight but they MUST be fixed. Right? What if we rid of them.

  • Replace social security with a direct funding system and fix the number of participants;
  • Establish a NON-GOVERNMENT program to replace Obamacare and Medicare.

What private sector UNION has had it's health and pension benefits paid by the the Federal Government SINCE 1947!

Will it be easy? Will people fight tooth and nail, scream to the Moon? Yes. But the Obama Budget Plan destroys our economy in 5 years. The GOP Budget RESOLUTION, takes twelve years to do the same thing. What can't go on will not go on. We can either wait for the financial apocalypse or we can hand Congress their own apocalypse.

The Apocalypse Plan: A Federal Budget Alternative is the result of months of review and research into the 1,241 programs listed in the Obama Budget and research into alternatives for Social Security, Medicare (and Obamacare) and calculations to determine appropriate funding mechanisms and levels.

Forty tables break the Budget into Branches, Departments and Programs and then a recommendation for each of the budget items listed with, if appropriate, a spending recommendation.

1,241 programs with budgets and recommendations are included in The Apocalypse Plan: A Federal Budget Alternative.
Download a copy of the excerpt here! Use this access code: 147963-258

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(If you are really into numbers torture, buy the book and I will share with you the spreadsheets that cover all the programs, research and recommendations!)